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Wise words on imposed solutions from …Barack Obama?

I would think it quite uncommon for a politician so heavily invested in imposing his own “solutions” on the populace to say something so, well, common sensical, but Barack Obama in 2008 said:

If a mandate was the solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house.

Here it is on CNN:

Guess what, Barack?  You had it right the first time.  But since you’ve changed your mind, why don’t you go ahead and make everybody rich by giving everyone a million dollars?  Since you’re at it, why don’t you solve world hunger by telling everyone to go buy some food (perhaps they could eat cake)?  And at the very least, why aren’t you pursuing what you apparently believe is the solution for homelessness?

Or perhaps you realize that these really aren’t solutions.  Perhaps you understand that by imposing these “solutions” on everybody, you’re simply opening them up to all kinds of heretofore unknown problems?

Not to beat a dead horse, but this type of thing is exactly why this blog exists…

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