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You can’t make this stuff up. Plus, more on the green jobs scam.

Today’s dose of high comedy comes to you from the master comedian himself, Jesse Jackson.  Apparently, his 14 miles per gallon Escalade was stolen while he was at a “green jobs” rally in Detroit.  Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that.  But where should we start?

Perhaps we could point out that Jackson’s explanation for the rally included this missive:

…Ending the subsidies that make dirty fuels artificially cheap can spark a shift in infrastructure development, create more jobs and allow America to become more self-sufficient.

1) Non-punitive taxes do not equal “subsidies.”  2) Since he’s clearly unclear on the subsidy concept, it is perhaps lost on him that he’s being driven around in a car made by GM, the ongoing recipient of some of the largest subsidies in American history.  3) Self-sufficiency and a high standard of living do not go hand in hand.  It’s the basic concept of division of labor, and it has been true throughout human history.  I, for one, have no interest in being dirt poor and “self-sufficient” when the gains in wealth and culture from peaceful trade are easily available.  4)  Placing punitive taxes on petroleum products would kill off the rest of the union jobs being pushed for at a UAW rally!

The level of hypocrisy would be mind-boggling if it were anyone else besides Jesse Jackson.

But wait, there’s more.  Let’s tackle the concept of “green jobs.”  A study by Spanish economics professor Gabriel Calzada Alvarez of Universidad Juan Carlos in Madrid showed that promotion of green jobs actually results in destruction of jobs on a net basis.  Are ten so-called “green jobs” worth between 22 and 69 extra people in the unemployment line?  According to Investors’ Business Daily:

A Spanish economics professor said attempts by his country to create a green economy would fail. Now a Spanish government report confirms his findings, blunting claims that the professor’s report was biased.

The professor, Gabriel Calzada Alvarez of Juan Carlos University in Madrid, produced a 41-page study last year on the European experiment of going full bore on the conservation front. He found that “the Spanish/EU-style ‘green jobs’ agenda now being promoted in the U.S. in fact destroys jobs.”

For every green job created by the Spanish government, Alvarez found that 2.2 jobs were destroyed elsewhere in the economy because resources were directed politically and not rationally, as in a market economy. …

…his results have been backed up by Carlo Stagnaro and Luciano Lavecchia, a couple of researchers from the Italian think tank Istituto Bruno Leoni.They found that in Italy, the losses were worse than they were in Spain: Each green job cost 6.9 jobs in the industrial sector and 4.8 jobs across the entire economy.

Naturally, Jesse Jackson has  no qualms about resources being directed politically, since he and his ilk have no marketable skills whatsoever and must resort instead to intimidation, shakedowns, and the spoils system for their living.

And apparently Jesse Jackson lives well if he’s being driven around in Escalades.  Which makes the theft all the sweeter.  Poetic justice is a beautiful thing.

Follow Up:  Apparently I am late to this party.  The inimitable Reason Magazine has debunked the “Green Jobs Delusion” in some detail previously, including citing the same study from Spain.  See for reference:

Ronald Bailey’s “The Green Jobs Delusion”,  “Green Jobs Destroy Good Jobs”,  the treatment of California’s green jobs boondoggle at “Red Ink and Green Jobs”, and the reporting on the Spanish solar power bubble at “Mr. President Please Think of Spain – The Iberian Solar Power Bust”.


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