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Modifying the day’s news

Wouldn’t it be nice if our newsmen could be honest with us?  I know that a particular brand of objectivity is pounded into our journalism students from the get-go (which makes the constant ideological bent all the more ironic), but some topics are just so ripe for honesty that we really shouldn’t let the opportunity slip by.

For instance, the AP is reporting that “Winds push fires through dozens of Detroit homes.” 

Imagine the possibilities:

“Winds push fires through dozens of Detroit homes.  Both residents flee in panic.”

“Fires rage through Detroit.  World says ‘meh.'”

“Winds whip flames through Detroit, temporarily halting production of crappy cars.”

“Detroit ravaged by flaming inferno.  Property values rise.”

Imagine what the world would be like if we got a little honesty from a journalists once in a while.  Any other suggestions from the peanut gallery?

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