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Some fun links for your dull Tuesday night

French MEP mistakes “inflation” for “fellatio.”   Daily Mail Online.  And we wonder why our politicians have no grasp on the effects of central banking policy.

Vote early, vote often, vote 1,579 times.  Fox News Online.  Houston citizens’ group uncovers massive voter fraud in Houston.  As if things weren’t looking bad enough for Barack Obama, it is widely noted that dead people are a major Democratic voting bloc.

Hugh Hendry gives an interview with King World News.  He opts to unhitch his wagon from China’s star before it starts to fall to earth again.  Key quote: “I am just intrigued as to the optionality, as to the profits that could be made, should that revert. And because it’s deemed to be impossible, the trade is actually asymmetric. By golly if I am right, I can make a lot of money.”  Indeed you can, Hugh.  And if you’ve missed his prior interview entitled “I Would Recommend You Panic,” you should check it out.  Stay tuned to this blog for further insight into why China of the 2010s is Japan of the 1980s.

You may have read about Portugal’s success with drug decriminalization, including in this TIME Magazine article.  If this is not a surprise to you, then perhaps you’ve read where the statistics were compiled, i.e. a CATO white paper.

An update in the ongoing “wiretap wars,” where corrupt police are using states wiretap laws to prevent their corruption from being recorded.  Maryland’s Anthony Graber had charges based on his recording of a police officer dropped.  Cato at Liberty.  More good news for those of us who think that the law shouldn’t be above the law.

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