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Tread lightly, Republicans

The news was mostly positive for Republicans this midterm election cycle (aside from the terminally hopeless California Republican party), with the red team retaking the House, recouping several seats in the Senate, and capturing several more governerships.  But, tread lightly, Republicans – yours is not a mandate.

Make no mistake about it: voters did not vote for Republicans because they like them.  Popularity numbers for both parties are abysmal, and interestingly enough, most polls show that Republicans are still more unpopular than their statist allies across the aisle.  Voters hate you, Republicans, and they hate the other guys too.

So what are we to make of the historic rout of Tuesday Nov. 2?  Voters soundly rejected the one-party rule of the past two years that brought us state-controlled health care, massive bailouts, ridiculous money creation, and ever more government interference. 

This has its precedent, of course.  In 2008, voters eager to get rid of the last vestiges of George W. Bush, that prime example of neocon meddling, instead ended up with a more overt, and some would argue more pernicious, form of meddling in the neo-Bismarckian Barack Obama.  The whipsaw from 2008 to 2010 simply means that voters who didn’t want neocon intervention want neo-progressive intervention just as much.  Which is to say, not at all.

So a word to the wise, Republicans.  You may be celebrating now, but you’ll be wandering in the wilderness again before you know it unless you give the voters what they want.  Here’s a hint: it ain’t Mitt Romney.

They want to be left alone.

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