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TSA begs the question…again.

I took a trip a few weeks ago, and when I was in the airport, I saw a ridiculous sight.  In a poor attempt to justify their existence, the TSA offers an FAQ.  Since the various questions rotate and I was unable to get my cell phone out quickly enough to snap this picture, I had to be bailed out by a helpful fellow traveler who also spotted the stupidity.  Thanks to Fred Benenson, Flickr user “mecredis,” I have a picture for you loyal readers.

Remember my former post about the TSA begging the question?  Well, they’re back.  As you’ll recall, “begging the question” means assuming the validity of the very thing that you’ve set out to prove.

So why is it important for the TSA to check your ID?  “Because identity matters.”  Why does identity matter?  Presumably because it’s important.

When you’re only able to justify what you do by saying that it’s justified, you know you’re reaching.  Of course, that’s what we’ve come to expect from the TSA, isn’t it?

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