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“Great Moments in Unintended Consequences,” from Reason.tv

Given that this blog is entitled “The Solution is the Problem,” and it focuses quite a bit of its attention on the unintended consequences of various programs intended to “solve our problems,” I thought that today’s entry from Reason.tv was very apropos.  Normally, I tend to think big in terms of unintended consequences, but looking at the silly results of things like ethanol and Osborne reef will hopefully cause people to look at the philosophical folly underpinning various attempts at state solutions to the endemic problems of immutable human nature.  And it is exactly that philosophical folly that results not just in ridiculous schemes to throw tires in the water, but in multi-trillion dollar debts, Kafkaesque bureaucracy, a lowered standard of living, and ultimately cataclysm.

So laugh if you will (I did), but remember that this type of idiocy is what drives the world’s problems.  And keep checking back here for more exposition of unintended consequences and the arrogance behind them.

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