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Obama = Bush’s Third Term!

Okay, I hope you’ll pardon the bumper sticker histrionics, but as Barack Obama becomes more and more Bushlike by the day, I can’t help but remember the warnings about how John McCain would be Dubya-Redux.  Bet you’re glad you voted now, aren’t you?  Big dichotomy there…

A couple of things.  First, I tend to think that this video skews a bit too much in favor of Bush.  So he got a Congressional resolution.  Who cares?  It’s still not a proper declaration of war.  So there were more countries in the “coalition of the willing.”  Who cares?  That just means more countries were wrong last time, but we were wrong both times. 

Rather than focusing on making Bush look better by comparison, why not just illustrate the important fact that both Bush and Obama have about half the good judgment of Elmer Fudd?  Yes, it is funny to point out the utter inanity of left-liberal slogans about Halliburton and the Koch brothers, but remember that the right side of the aisle has a busload of idiocy too.

As for the anti-war movement, which apparently no longer exists – I am disappointed in you.  And as for Obama not messing up Libya?  Well, forget that too.

My, how things change.  All while managing to stay exactly the same.


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