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Sandy Springs, the City That Outsourced Everything…and Lived to Tell the Tale

With all the gloom and doom rhetoric about the impending collapse of civilization that is inevitable should any single middle-management government bureaucrat lose his next cost of living adjustment, it’s great to see a city like Sandy Springs highlighted for outsourcing everything.

Reason.tv does an admirable job showing how Sandy Springs, or “Sanduh Sprangs,” in the local twang, has not only survived but thrived by getting rid of government functions and functionnaires.  It’s just gravy that Sandy Springs was my home town for more than 2 years.

For me, it’s yet another reminder that the sky will not fall when government is removed from the equation.  In fact, humans are resilient, adaptable, responsive, and entirely capable of being left to their own devices. 

New Zealand ended farm subsidies with little warning in the 1980s, and agricultural outputs and farm income are higher than they’ve ever been, along with dramatically lower costs of farm goods.  Mid 1990s Canada went on a budget-slashing spree, and its federal debt was slashed by two-thirds in only 15 years, and to the best of my knowledge, the apocalypse has not yet come.  Welfare was reformed under Clinton here in the United States, and despite dire predictions of having to step over the corpses of the homeless on your way to work, poverty, dependence, and the welfare caseload have all declined.

And guess what?  Getting rid of government bureaucrats in Sandy Springs has not killed anyone either.  In fact, by all accounts it seems as though Sandy Springs is just as pleasant, clean, friendly, and properly functioning as before – if not moreso.  Consider that the next time a politician tells you that you need his help.

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