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Hypocrisy Laid Bare by Bastiat

If you have yet to read “The Law,” by Frederic Bastiat, please avail yourself of this link as soon as possible.  Lest the whole “reading a book” thing scare you away, note that it is free and it is only 55 pages long.  Oh, and it is brilliant.

Today’s thought comes straight from “The Law,” and it lays bare a hypocrisy typical of the modern “progressive.”  Which is to say, one who places utter faith in government by “the right people,” and for the good of all other people.  This quote comes from page 43.

One of the strangest phenomena of our time, and one that will probably be a matter of astonishment to our descendants, is the doctrine which is founded upon this triple hypothesis: the radical passiveness of mankind,  the omnipotence of the law,  the infallibility of the legislator: this is the sacred symbol of the party that proclaims itself exclusively democratic.

It is true that it professes also to be social.

So far as it is democratic, it has an unlimited faith in mankid.

So far as it is social, it places mankind beneath the mud.

How typical of almost any politician you’d find in Washington today!  And how tragic that so little has changed since publication in 1850.  The mindset of such a politician is more often than not summarized by this simple proposition.  Man is so “important,” that all of man’s rights must be trampled in order that he may live well.

Unsurprising that progressive politics – as well as conservative social politics – always, always end up a failure.

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