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United States Postal Service – At the Front Lines in the War on Terror!

Postal carriers as terrorism fighters?  It is official.  There are no longer any common-sense limits on the “war” on terror.  You see, this is what happens when you let an act of terrorism change your entire social structure.

The point of terrorism is disruption, and I have said before on this blog and elsewhere that police militarization, travel restrictions, global warmongering, and especially the damn TSA are the tangible, direct results of how we have allowed terrorism to affect us.  If that is not disruption I am not sure what is.  And if that is not evidence that the terrorists won this round, I am not sure what possibly could be.

As if the TSA was not macabre enough, however, now we have the Postal Service getting into the act.  Yep, letter carriers are the first line of defense against the statistically insignificant threat of terrorism.  And not just in New York and Washington – no, letter carriers will be the first responders to all of the horrific terrorist attacks that we can expect in Benton, Kansas.  (Their population has doubled in the last fifty years; look it up!)

Let’s not be silly.  Let’s see this for what it really is – a cynical attempt by a bunch of inept government workers to get more funding, more make-work jobs, a greater sense of urgency, and ultimately more power.  They saw how well everything worked out for the now-unionizing TSA, and figured they wanted a piece of the taxpayer pie.

I will monitor this story if it develops beyond the point of being absolutely, fundamentally ridiculous.  You can save your letter writing campaigns for now.

But remember, the fact that an idea is ridiculous has never stopped the government from implementing it before.

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