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Some Random Links to Brighten Your Tuesday

RIP, Mr. Ballas – bourgeois hero.  While no monuments will adorn the National Mall to celebrate your life, you did much more good than history will remember – and vastly more good than was done by any of the many butchers, frauds, and silver-tongued devils who do have their images recorded in marble or bronze in capital cities around the world.

Hasn’t this kind of simplistic “history” and inaccurate categorization of today’s critics of liberal internationalism/neoconservatism been written about a million times already?  And aren’t these types of pieces really just rhetorical bullying to prevent a serious discussion of American foreign policy?

Yes.  But read it anyway if you’re interested to know what passes for journalism these days.  Also, at some point, I would like to write a comprehensive conservative case against war.

The hawkish side of foreign policy has not been dominated by any one political party over the course of history, but the ball is mainly in the conservative court these days (Obama’s six wars notwithstanding).  However, if the conservatives truly believe in the domestic principles they claim to espouse, they must necessarily be against war, given that war is anathema to domestic freedom and economic prosperity.  Always has been; always will be.

  • According to various health experts in Portugal, 10 years after the decriminalization of all drugs, coupled with a new strategy to emphasize treatment over punishment for possession and use of drugs, Portugal has seen a large measure of success with decriminalization.  Among the more startling statistics: the number of “problematic” addicts has fallen by half over the past 20 or so years; there has been a “spectacular” reduction in infection rates among intravenous drug users; drug use has fallen below the European average; and drug use is even further below Portugal’s only contiguous neighbor, Spain.
  • I was tipped off to a five-year old piece about the terrors of mass transit in Los Angeles.  It’s old, but still valid.  Granted, mass transit in L.A. is far worse than the more functional cities’ systems, but looking at the stats, it is not terribly below average.  In any case, one has to ask oneself if this is the system we should be propagating when many other systems are available through common entrepreneurship, unshackled by artificial restrictions.
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