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Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary Speaks the Truth at Brussels

If you have yet to see this video of Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary at an EU innovation conference in Brussels, you should do yourself the favor.  It’s seriously good.

There is quite a lot to note about this, but I was struck by the smarmy EU bureaucrat at the end.  After taking a well-deserved beating at the hands of a person who is actually productive, he rather pathetically claims that, since the EU deregulated the airlines 20 years ago, it is in fact the politicians and bureaucrats who are really responsible for the fantastic success of Ryanair.

Frankly, that’s ridiculous, and a five year old should be able to see through it.  If the bureaucrats and politicians at the EU can take credit for Ryanair’s success because they deregulated, then who can take credit for the massive bankruptcies, horrible customer service, and sky-high prices (pardon the pun) of the legacy carriers?

Oh right, the bureaucrats and politicians who regulated the system in the first place.

How many times have we heard this?  When governments do stupid things that create horrible situations, it’s the fault of the private sector.  When governments slightly retrench their meddling and situations improve drastically, it’s all because of the wise, caring, and ever-so-smart technocrats in Washington, Brussels, or whatever other swamp politicians and bureaucrats hatch in.

Kind of reminds me of this post.

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