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Happy Holidays – Don’t Walk Drunk

Merry Christmas to all of my loyal readers.  Sorry for not updating, but since I’m still a one-man show, Christmas with the family takes precedence.  Also, with New Years coming up but apropos of nothing else, I thought I’d share an article/podcast from the Freakonomics duo of Stephen Levitt and Steve Dubner about our inevitable drunkenness this coming flip of the calendar.  It is called “The Perils of Drunk Walking.”

For every mile walked drunk, turns out to be eight times more dangerous than the mile driven drunk. To put it simply, if you need to walk a mile from a party to your home, you’re eight times more likely to die doing that than if you jump behind the wheel and drive your car that same mile.

Interesting, in a very Freakonomics sort of way.  Of course, if one takes a sober look at the evidence, he will probably be forced to realize that doing anything drunk is likely not conducive to his health or welfare.

That said, don’t drink and drive this holiday season.  And don’t drink and walk.  And if you are at all able to, make sure your cabbie hasn’t been sucking back on a little of grandpa’s old cough medicine himself.

Happy New Year to all!

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