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There is no consensus on abortion, but let’s get our terms straight

It is apparently fact-checking time over at the Frisky.  Calling Mitt Romney out on his statement that emergency contraception is “abortive pills,” they miss the most important point. Witness:

Let’s recap, very briefly: The morning-after pill prevents a pregnancy by stopping a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs — which could be fertilized by the sperm and go implant in the uterus — as well as thinning the lining of a woman’s uterus so a fertilized egg cannot implant.  The RU-486 abortion pill, on the other hand, ends an existing pregnancy — as in, the fertilized egg has already implanted in the uterus and a fetus is growing. (I explain it all in more detail in this post.)

See? Two different things, Mitt.

Two different things?  Not necessarily.  According to the religious beliefs held by a great many people, life begins at conception, i.e. when sperm meets egg.  At that point, there is an existing pregnancy, whether implanted in the uterus or not.  What we are talking about, and what bloggers such as this should be talking about, is whether termination post-conception is natural or not.

And although this blogger completely copped out by saying that the ethical issues were best saved for another post, that is in fact all that this is about. If the Catholic Church, for example, is to be forced to purvey birth control that violates the tenets of the faith, that is the definition of an ethical issue.

This cop out is unfortunate because, not only does it muddy the waters by failing to define the pertinent terms, it dodges the only issues that actually matter.

Now, my point here is not to come out as anti-abortion (or pro-abortion for that matter).  I am not messing with your womanhood.  I am not claiming ownership of your vagina.  What I am asking is that people such as the above-mentioned blogger stop simply treating everyone with an (R) behind their name as a perjurious, neanderthalic idiot.

Despite his poor use of language (“abortive pills,” really?) when put on the spot, I am fairly certain Mitt Romney knows the difference between Plan B and RU-486.

Certain bloggers, on the other hand, do not seem to know the difference between what billions of people call “pregnancy” and what they themselves call “pregnancy.”  Before bashing on Mitt, let’s figure out what it is – exactly – what we are talking about.

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