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When wealth is a problem in electoral politics

Much has been made of Mitt Romney’s personal fortune in the run-up to the general election this November. Many are turned off by the accumulation of millions of dollars, especially in these silly times where a brainless “movement” like Occupy Wall Street can get traction.

However, the answer to the question “when is wealth a problem?” seems to be “when you are a Republican.” Don Surber at the Daily Mail elaborates:

No matter who you support this year, you have to admit Mitt Romney went about becoming president the wrong way. Instead of wasting his time learning how business works and building a multi-billion-dollar company that really did save or create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Mitt should have lived off his daddy’s fortune like Jack Kennedy. Chasing skirts and molesting teenage virgin is a lot more fun than figuring out how to revive an old business.

Instead, Mitt Romney gave his inheritance to charity. Who does that anymore?

The press loves the kids of privilege — Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Jay Rockefeller and the rest of the trust fund babies — but only if they support huge government programs that transfer wealth from workers to non-workers.

It is important to recall that the class warriors in politics are virtually always among the elitest of the elite themselves. Of course, this is important to know not because that somehow makes their proclamations more or less logically sound; instead, people should be able to recognize when an issue is not an issue and when they are being fed a line for political gain.


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